Directed Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Dr Siamak Nazemi, “High performance Textile and Clothings”, 2020.

Dr Seyed Abbas Noorian, “in-situ synthesis the inorganic Piezoelectric Nanostructures on the textile fabric”, 2019.

Dr. Parisa Fakhri, “Fabrication of flexible piezoelectric pressure/impact sensor based on PVDF nanofibers”, 2018.


  Directed Ph.D. Thesis

-Alireza Hajkhanmirza Saraf, “Wearable Electronics and Energy Harvesting Devices”, in progress. Iran.

-Sheyda Mirjalali, “Wearable Electrospun Polymeric Piezoelectric Sensors and Energy Harvesters”, Australia.

-Marjan Haghayegh, Stretchable Triboelectric Enegry Havevesting Devices, in progress, China

– Milad Razbin, “Piezoresistive Textile Based Sensors”, in progress. Iran-Australia.

– Simin Bakhtiari, “Strechable Triboelectric Nanogenerator”, in progress. Iran-Latvia.

– Nilofar Khomarloo, “Electronic Skin with High Tribo-Piezoelectric Performance”, In progress. Iran-France.

– Mohammad-Sajad Sorayani-Bafqi, “Empirical and Theoretical Analysis of Electrical Energy Harvesting Performance from Polyvinylidene Fluoride Fibrous Layers”, 2019. Iran


MSc Students Projects:
  1. Soha Mohammad Pour Fazeli, Piezoelectric performance of multilayered nanogenerators based on composite PVDF / PEDOT :PSS nanofiber mats, October 2021.
  2. Mona Nazari, Effect of surface properties and structure of wool fabric on the Triboelectric properties, September 2021.
  3. Sara Ziaee, Improve electrical conductivity of carbon fabric as electrodes in PVDF/BaTiO3 piezoelectric Nanogenrator, September 2021
  4. Faeze Maleki, Masoud Latifi, Roohollah Bagherzadeh, “Comparison of the solid and hallow PVDF piezoelectric nanofibers layers due to impact”, MSc, 17 February 2020.

  5. Shahin Ghasemi Nezhad, Masoud Latifi, Roohollah Bagherzadeh, “Performance comparison of fibrous single -layer energy converter with Hybid Fibrous Pizo-and Tribo- Electric with two layer consist of PVDF/Ba Tio3 nana fiber comrosite layer and wool”, MSc, 23 December 2019.

  6. Amirarsalan Roozbeh, Roohollah Bagherzadeh, Masoud Latifi, “Fabrication of piezoelectric fibrous layer for energy conversion of air flow to the electrical energy”, MSc, 20 October 2019.

  7. Mohammad Taftiyan, Masoud Latifi, Roohollah Bagherzadeh, “”, MSc, 02 July 2019.

  8. Kiana Kazemi, Mohammad Maroufi, Roohollah Bagherzadeh, “Moisture management properties of weft knitted with different viscose yarns”, MSc, 17 February 2018.

  9. Ghazale Asghary Sarabi, Masoud Latifi, Roohollah Bagherzadeh, “Fabrication Feasibility of PEDOT/Graphen/Mno composite Nanofibrous Electrode by Electrospinning for Flexible Capacitor”, MSc, 20 September 2017.

  10. Nikoo Saveh Shemshaki, Masoud Latifi, Roohollah Bagherzadeh, “Formation of Metal Nanowires in Electrospun layer to Induce conductivity”, MSc, 10 July 2016.

  11. Mohamad Sajad Sorayani Bafqi, Masoud Latifi, Roohollah Bagherzadeh, “comparison of piezoelectric property of PVDF and PVDF/Zno ( Nanoparticles) Electrospun fibrous webs”, MSc, 20 September 2014.



Funded Projects

As a Chief Investigator:

– “Energy Harvesting Fabrics”, 2018.

– “Fabrication of Extreme Hot Weather Clothing System”, 2017.

– “Technical specifications and feasibility study for production of extreme cold weather clothing system”, 2015.

– “Nano-micro-fibrous composite structures for smart detection of toxic chemical agents”, 2014.

– “Developing comfort Indices of high performance fabrics and textile based equipment”, 2010.

As a Principal Investigator:

-“Developing a comprehensive strategic plan for the national apparel industry”, 2015.

– “Fabrication of nanostructured yarns for production of textiles based mechanical to electrical energy convertor”, 2014.

– “Fabrication of Nanofibrous Composite Structures Generating Energy in Wearable Microelectronic Devices”, 2014.

– “Cooling garment production by using profiled cross section fibers”, 2014.

– “Natural Micro-Nanofibrous Composite Scaffolds for Neural Tissue Regeneration Application”, 2013.

– “Developing a national brand for Small business plastic companies”, 2013.

– “Improving Concrete Strength and Cracking level of Lightweight Concrete by Utilizing Fibers”, 2010.

As an Associate Investigator:

– “Optimization and combination of materials needed to fire retardant of acrylic – polyester fabric”, 2014.

– “Technical Know-how of production of antibacterial Polyamide Knitted fabrics”, 2011.

– “Technical know-how of embedding durable fragrances in worsted fabrics”, 2010.

– “Developing a tint for temporary coloring the dark fibers in worsted spinning”, 2010.